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ZetaTalk: Horizon Project
written Feb 1, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I've just watched the DVD entitled "The Horizon Project, Bracing for Tomorrow". The scenarios proposed in episode 01 closely parallel all the predictions that the Zetas have made to date. Their timing for the pole shift, however, is predicted to be later by several years. They claim that the ecliptic of the milky way galaxy, being highly magnetic and very thin, will be the cause of the tribulations and that this happens periodically to our entire solar system as it travels up and down in reference to the galactic ecliptic on a sign wave type course. I would very much like to hear all that the Zetas have to say about this particular project and ongoing DVD series. The idea of disinformation came to mind. Many truths and some misdirection. [and from another] I have heard a scientist by the name of Brent Miller talk about the entrance of the Earth through the Galactic Gravitational pull which he and a group of scientists believe happens periodically to Earth and will cause the Earth to tilt. He also talks about Planet X coming into the orbit of the Earth and adding to the chaos. He was on Coast to Coast recently. [and from another] Brent Miller - Military contracted organizations utilized Mr. Miller for advancing the capability of modern warfare - often assigning him to classified engagements. Dr Brooks Agnew - Has over 30 years of combined research in advanced spectroscopy and space exploration, providing invaluable contributions to several organizations including NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratories.

We have detailed, in the past, the many ploys the establishment was using to avoid talking about the coming cataclysms. Blame the melting poles and glaciers and weather extremes on Global Warming, but this ploy is failing now that the changes are outside of any Global Warming model, moving so much faster than projected. Blame it on the Sun, a ploy that stated we would have an extraordinarily active solar cycle, even though no evidence for such a projection was laid before the public. The public got the conclusion, but not the data, as the data is missing. Since the Sun is showing surface activity, but the activity does not follow with the disruptions on Earth that real CMEs produce, this excuse has faltered. Blackouts, and satellite disruption, occur at other times, an embarrassment to this debunking team, and this excuse has fallen out of favor. Frantic attempts to include the rising quakes and volcanic eruptions into either of these scenarios were so absurd on their face that they never took off. Faced with what seems to be a delayed passage of Planet X, where the public is becoming alarmed and the establishment has no certainty on a date of passage, what to do?

We have mentioned that the number of individuals who perforce had to be included in the cover-up has grown, as weathermen, media hosts, and key politicians had been included in addition to astronomers, geologists, top military brass, and heads of state. Not all these people, certainly, are evil and unconcerned about the lack of warning being given to the common man. To allay the press from this faction, which wants the common man warned in some way, the establishment had to do something. Of course, the something they did was well connected to the establishment, old faithful that could be relied upon to spout the line and not waver. This can be seen in the key team members chosen to deploy the Horizon Project, a military industrial contractor and a scientist working with NASA and JPL. This in and of itself stamps it as a disinformation ploy from the establishment. Does NASA lie? Are we getting the Face on Mars back when hundreds of images are taken on an overflight of Mars? We are getting anything but the Face on Mars. Are we getting the truth about troop deaths and Forward Operating Base Falcon, where 300 US casualties were taken in a single day? Does the DOD lie?

How does the establishment broach the subject? They are catatonic on the subject because they know the taxpayer will demand the same protections and support that the elite will be providing for themselves. If the elite are going into well stocked bunkers, and know what is about to occur, why not the taxpayer? Since there won't be enough supplies, enough food, to go around, the common man is to be told they are on their own, but in the meantime, pay their taxes so the bunkers can continue to be stocked! The establishment wants the common man at their jobs, keeping the wheels of society going. Martial law will not solve this problem, as society will grind to a halt. Those who have been living in a democracy do not tolerate a matter like martial law for more than a few days, before rebellion and resistance break out. So how to satisfy those participating in the cover-up who are insisting that the common man must be warned? Can't point to a passing planet, Planet X, as the culprit, as people will start looking to the skies and discover a Second Sun next to Sol and that the Moon's orbit is awry and the constellations often not where expected. So invent something abstract like a Galactic Gravitational Pull, something that cannot be proven or disproved, something merely a theory, but put forth by prestigious men. And by all means, even if you plagiarize the ZetaTalk description of what will be coming soon, never, never mention ZetaTalk!