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ZetaTalk: IERS Flatlined
written Apr 9, 2007

A hot topic on the GLP message board is an aberration on the IERS website. The slight annual circular magnetic wobble at the N Pole, noted for decades, has suddenly gone left, literally, on the charts. This occurred around April 4 and lasted until Apr 9. I've checked the HAARP data and found that April 3 seemed normal, but by April 4 HAARP had likewise gone flat and did not pick up to be normal until Apr 9. Does this have something to do with the roll of Planet X, the hose of magnetic particles from Planet X?

More than an Intermittent Lurch has developed during the 270° Roll of Planet X, as why would it not? Legend has it that 3 days of darkness will ensue during the Biblical end of the world, and we have confirmed this with details of why this will occur. When the N Pole of Planet X points directly at the Earth, this is the reaction, the N Pole of Earth pointing directly away in an attempt to align end-to-end with Planet X. We have predicted, explained, that going into this posture the Earth will have a lean to the left, leaning her N Pole away from Planet X as Planet X approaches in his retrograde orbit. The lean to the left is not as extreme as tipping backwards into the 3 days of darkness, but is a compromise the Earth is attempting, to accommodate both the Sun's magnetic influence as well as the demands from Planet X. We have explained the Earth wobble, detectable since early 2004 when the Earth encountered Planet X in her orbit, standing in her way, and halted in her orbit. This Earth wobble was a documentable Figure 8 traced by the N Pole, a pattern which recently changed to a lurch back and forth as the Earth tries to line up end-to-end with Planet X at times and then snaps back to align with the Sun again. What caused the change in the wobble from a Figure 8 to a lurch? The Earth is distressed, trying to accommodate different magnetic directives, trying to align with the Sun's dominant magnetic field while simultaneously accommodating the bully Planet X passing through. The 3 days of darkness will occur when Planet X has rolled 195° in her roll, where he is currently at approximately 140°. Meanwhile, what happens?

Clearly, being hosed by the stream of magnetic particles emerging from the N Pole of Planet X is not a mild treatment, as before the N Pole of Earth tips away into the 3 days of darkness, a physical move of the entire planet, the Earth will try to accommodate this hose by adjusting her magnetosphere. This is what is showing up on instruments now, a dramatic change in the old slight circular wobble in the N Pole that has been apparent since man began his measurements of this slight N Pole wobble. This wobble, a matter of a degree of so, is not the daily Figure 8 wobble Nancy and her team documented, which was more extreme. In that the Figure 8 occurred daily, and these magnetic measures were taken once a day, averaged, the Figure 8 did not seem to affect the overall outcome between 2004 and today's date. But now something has occurred, rather suddenly, to change this measure. As anyone playing with magnets has observed, there are resistance points and points where sudden movement occurs. A magnet placed on glass has friction between the glass and itself, so does not immediately move to align with a larger magnet moved toward it under the glass. Then suddenly, there is a jerk, a new alignment.

For the Earth, held in alignment with the Sun's giant magnetosphere, there is an equivalent to friction, resistance, which is the flow of magnetic particles moving along the magnetic field of the Sun, from the Sun's N Pole round to the Sun's S Pole. As Planet X rolls, lying horizontally along the tight magnetic field lines at the Sun's Ecliptic, increasingly pointing his N Pole toward Earth, this creates in the Earth a confusion, a warping of the Earth's own magnetic field! The magnetic N Pole of Earth, the flow of magnetic particles out of the N Pole of Earth, will attempt to merge with the N Pole of Planet X, flowing in the same direction. For the Earth, this is certainly not up, it is sideways. Planet X is hosing out into space, almost directly away from the Sun, as it is lying horizontally at present during its roll. As the Earth is not yet tipped, physically, into the 3 days of darkness, the flow of magnetic particles thus emerges, out into space, from points below the Arctic. Nancy has noted that the HAARP system, located in Alaska near the magnetic N Pole of Earth, has registered flat, likewise. HAARP has been located next to the N Pole as this is where flux in the magnetosphere is most dramatic, evident. IERS likewise looks to this source, as elsewhere on the globe, flux in the magnetosphere is more flat. In that the magnetic N Pole of Earth has currently moved, they are both registering flat!