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ZetaTalk: June Incoming
written June 8, 2004

I received this from one of my correspondents. ‘Snowball net comms check. All stations, clock sync, impact at minus 146 days, 5 hours UTC. Standby for ACC link. [Response] Snowball this is burrow. You are not secure. Repeat, you are not secure. Go green, go green.’ What do you think about this info?

Starting with an intercepted radio transmission and compounded by warnings from an Internet hoaxer, Aussie Bloke, who rode the wave of curiosity about that intercept, rumors of comets or asteroids or dust clouds arriving at Earth in June have been running strong. Since meteors and fireballs have been on the increase, is there some truth to this intercept? Since the Earth stopped in its orbit during the Sweep on Dec 25, and has lingered at that point during the months since, tilting toward the Sun and leaning toward Planet X, this has allowed a computation of the point when the immense dust cloud filled with moon swirls and debris would arrive at Earth. We have mentioned that an attempt to Nuke Planet X, to deflect it from its path, occurred during September 2003, when the Earth was warned that a flash in the sky, supposedly Galileo’s death by a plunge into Jupiter, might occur. Thus, they had intel on the length and composition of the immense tail of Planet X. In the intervening months, the location and speed of Planet X have been a top priority, daily checks made from observatories and any craft above the atmosphere in a position to take a reading.

We have mentioned that this dust cloud is Magnetic and flows predictably along magnetic flow lines in the Sun’s vast field. We have mentioned that as Dancing Partners the magnetic tilt of Planet X can be calculated from the Tilt and Lean of the Earth, as What Magnets Do is not a mystery to man. Thus armed with data on the rate at which Planet X is moving past the Sun in its virtual straight line trajectory, its sling orbit, man could compute the likely arrival of the dust cloud with all its many moons and debris. During a recent Interview we were asked about the June 8 transit of Venus, which did not occur, though by the planet jam-up in front of Planet X it has pushed alongside the Earth due to the crowding the Dark Twin coming up behind the Earth in their shared orbit has created. We stated we were holding in abeyance our comments on the transit, so that the government would proceed with their plan to make much of this transit, and have the world look. And what did they see? Certainly something in front of the Sun. Certainly many things in front of the Sun, and moving. Is this Venus, or Venus clones? They are not as large as Venus, but are closer. And the drama is only beginning.

But how many Venuses are transiting in front of the Sun?
A lone ham radio operator digitally recorded an intercept of a U.S. military SSB (Single Side Band) radio transmission (before the transmission was suddenly shutdown because they mistakenly broadcast "in the clear" or non-encrypted) on 26 January of this year referring to a mysterious "countdown" to an unnamed event which (by the countdown) will occur around June 19 or 20 of this year. In the past few weeks, however, naval units worldwide have been putting to sea in unusual numbers, sufficient to cause us to revisit the original message to assess movements and adopt a watch mode going forward into the June 19-20 date area.
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