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ZetaTalk: Winter Solstice
written Dec 16, 2004

The Earth tilts the North Pole away from the sun on the winter solstice creating cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere. Do our scientists have any idea as to why we tilt or what forces are at work to make us tilt? It all seems logical that we would be most vulnerable to an extreme tilt at this time, with the extra push by Planet X.

Under normal circumstances, where planets orbiting a Sun coalesce coming out of a Big Bang, a magnetic planet as large as Planet X would not assume an orbit as close to the Sun as it comes during the passage. One of the reasons Planet X aligns with the Sun’s magnetic flow lines as it moves past the Sun during its passage are due to the press of the magnetic particle flows near the Sun, which has immense particle flow intensity in such close proximity. If the Sun bullies Planet X, Planet X bullies the Earth, as it stands between the Earth and Sun during its passage. This was the case during the last passage, the time of the Jewish Exodus, as it is today, and for good reason. Planet X uses the same route for passage, and if the Earth is anywhere near it during that time, it is trapped in a cup of particle flow turmoil and cannot escape the drama. It is the rare passage where the Earth escapes being caught, as the passage, for Planet X, is a struggle.

For this passage, the Earth has again been caught in the cup, this time early in the process, and as the Earth is a magnet herself, she has increased the magnetic particle flow crowding around Planet X, all of which will be more explosive and violent when Planet X finally manages its exit.

During the last pole shift, during the time of the Jewish Exodus, the Earth had arrived suddenly on the scene in the Fall to find Planet X already at the Ecliptic, and experienced only short months of an Earth tilt simulating Spring up to the time of Passover before a pole shift occurred. As we have explained, only a slight crust displacement occurred because the Earth snapped out of and back into alignment with the Sun quickly. During the years following a passage, little calendar record keeping is done, but in memory, Passover occurred when it was assumed to be Spring and there is it found today. The days of darkness when the N. Pole were pushed away were brief, with the pole shift following closely. Taking the path of least resistance, a 23° tilt to the Ecliptic, Planet X held what had been a spot close to the former N. Pole of Earth glued to its exiting S. Pole for days, until rotation in the Earth had restarted. When the swirling core of the Earth finally settled into a position consistent with the Sun’s magnetic dominance, the poles did not line up with the geographic rotation of the Earth, thus the lopsided rotation Earth has today in this regard.

This current passage found several planets crowded in front of Planet X as it started its rise to the Ecliptic, and thus more crowding, and a slower passage, has resulted.

Enter the influence of magnetic particle flow crowding. The Sun, and Earth and Mercury, are not magnetically aligned as they are, pointing off into space in the same direction, by accident. The Sun does not rule, in her solar system, but is under rule from the larger Universe, in this matter. As we have explained, Magnetic Trimesters exist for the Earth, driven by the Sun. During the Summer Trimester the Sun appears most magnetically active, because the Earth is pointing her N. Pole at the Sun during this time, an abrasive action when encountering the magnetic flow from the Sun’s magnetic flow lines above the Ecliptic. In contrast, the Dec 21 Solstice is a quiescent time, as the N. Pole of Earth is pointed away from the Sun. The Earth is accommodating during the Solstice, by pointing her abrasive N. Pole away from the Sun. Thus, in this position, it is staged to be most accommodating to Planet X as it swings its N. Pole around to face the Earth to complete its 270° Roll. All this facilitates the roll into 3 Days of Darkness and days of a Sunrise West as the N. Pole is already leaning in that direction, and the Polar Wobble can comfortably increase.

How long it will take for Planet X to pass the dither point at the Sun’s middle, the point where the Sun’s magnetic flow lines change from a flow in of the particle toward a Sun S. Pole to a flow out of magnetic particles from a Sun N. Pole, is a matter we hold close, as the establishment is still not sharing what they know about the coming cataclysms with the common man, whom they still hope to enslave during the coming turmoil. We would suggest that the establishment will find themselves in turmoil, and adrift in the company of the common man, all unprepared. The plans the elite have laid for themselves will not succeed, as those of good heart on the Earth are the only ones to be assisted. Assist the common man, and you assist yourself, is our message to the elite.