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ZetaTalk: Hazelwood Killer
written Mar 11, 2004

Someone here in Wisconsin measured Orion at 240° in the SW and 50° up on Mar 8 at 8:45 PM, and this is pretty close to what SkyMap shows should be there, 225° in the SW and 45° up. The Dipper (Ursa Major) overhead to the NNE, likewise. If 2.5 months have passed since Dec 25, how can the constellations appear so close to the expected date, and not out of alignment?
Nancy (not wanting to be jerked around) Lieder

The establishment desires to have anyone but Nancy lead the populace, in preference to their own well controlled spokes personas who like a Pied Piper would lead the populace into work camps, termed special work assignments during disaster or terror threat times, or to linger in river basin or coastal cities too long where they could be trapped into drowning, thereby reducing those not selected for work camps as so many unwanted mouths demanding to be fed. The establishment knows that we have warned of this, recommended self reliance instead or reliance on government directives, recommended watching for signs such as slowing to determine when to move to safety, and gone to great lengths with an elaborate White Lie specifically designed to cause them to show their hand and reveal their agendas to the world. Anyone but Nancy, despite our remarkable track record on predicting what has come about:

Individuals with no prediction track record whatsoever are raised up as experts. Anyone with a dream, a hunch, a theory or an opinon is given the stage, but not Nancy. Going into 2003, the establishment wished to replace Nancy with others supposedly having her vision, plagarists who it was hoped would prove to be the Pied Piper desired. Hazelwood did so, well backed and funded, including the 2003 date predictions which he adopted as his own, and has suffered from this ever since. If the White Lie caused the establishment to stumble, it also was a Hazelwood killer. So how to prevent such takeover attempts in the future? We knew, from our calculations, that the halted and reversed orbit would be difficult to prove, outright, as the Lean and Tilt toward Planet X, in the arrangement laid out in the ZetaTalk Triangle, would disguise this. Slowing counters the time change expected. The lean counters the view of the constellations expected. And as anyone claiming this would be subject to demands to prove it and the establishment is stubbornly silent on the matter, none save the brash ZetaTalk is making the claim. Thus, we arrive at a point where this will become obvious, with none but ZetaTalk having made the claim.