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ZetaTalk: Proof Exists
written Mar 18, 2005

Yesterday when I was draining the bathtub, the blasted thing started draining clockwise! The little whirlpool that starts when it's about half empty just started going the wrong way out of the clear blue!
Cliff, Seattle
Now the rotation in my fountain went from clockwise to counterclockwise and now is acting like a drunk, going in every direction!
Alberto, Italy

We have shown the relationship between the recent indications that magma is in turmoil under the surface in certain parts of the globe, just as we predicted a lineal increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity worldwide early in the ZetaTalk era. Magma on the move due to the Earth wobble, creating atmospheric turmoil, all the pieces falling into place when the existence of the well documented wobble is acknowledged. The globe is opening like a jar of pickles, torqued and twisted open by jerking on the magnetic handles the crust of the Earth provides to the monster Planet X. This ZetaTalk explanation and this alone, made months before its application became obvious, shows why the N. American plate is peculiarly exempt from strong quakes following the Sumatra tsunami quake.

As with the steady increase in weather swings, barely noticeable in 1995 when ZetaTalk began but unfolding exactly as ZetaTalk predicted, there is no other explanation for this relationship except for ours. Global Warming? Hardly, magma deep under the surface and exempt from warm air. Solar Flares? These, as we explained early in ZetaTalk may affect radio transmissions and cause electrical surges, but do not roil the magma. The Moon likewise, has not assumed an extreme orbit due to either of these factors, but is adjusting to the turmoil in particle flows in the eddy formed before Planet X, once again, no other explanation for this phenomena that even makes sense other than ours. In the face of the plethora of signs that something evil this way comes, the world's scientific community falls silent. Politicians prate the Global Warming line, unable to muster any other enemy they can attack. Astronomers avoid indications of orbit anomalies, none willing to risk their families or their careers or in particular their lives by breaking the silence that has been imposed on them. The weathermen cheerfully cite statistics, admitting the number of records being broken, on a daily basis, is phenomenal, but avoiding any discussion of where this might be leading. While Hollywood is allowed to produce fiction now and then on a piece of the ultimate phenomena, such as monster tidal waves or sudden climate change, the real drama playing out is avoided by the media. The cover-up rules.

Meanwhile, the common man is told that there is no evidence that Planet X is in our inner solar system, arrived in 2003 in a cloud of red dust which it cloakes itself with so tightly that no light reflects from it, though photos and sightings galore attest to this shrouded planet slowly plotting it’s way past the Sun. NASA may know, but they answer up the line to the White House and can be put under a National Security order, silencing them along with the Navy and observatories worldwide who are linked by such oaths, especially since UFO’s began arriving in droves during the last few decades. Is there not a cover-up about UFO’s and aliens? Did not the recent Peter Jennings special document that project Blue Book, run by the Air Force, admitted to such a cover-up? Do covers exist? Did Hoover not pronounce, for 40 years, that gays were the enemy, all the while prancing about in a pink tutu in private? Has the world ever received a proper explanation for the JFK assassination, supposedly done by a single bullet where several were recorded, on film, being fired and a single bullet could not do the damage reported and come out intact?

Proof exists, and lies before you, but the clarity of the picture only improves when all the pieces are laid out like pieces of a puzzle needing to be assembled. It is not simply the weather, almost doubling in ferocity in the past year. It is not simply what the skies overhead can show you, the Moon so off orbit at times in its monthly cycle as to puzzle grandparents who have never seen such a sight. It is all the pieces, and what explanation covers them all? The only explanation that addresses all of the phenomena is the ZetaTalk message, and Planet X is central in this. Thus, proof exists!

Signs of the Times #1360
World Increase in Volcanic Activity for February [Feb 27] There has been a large increase of volcanic activity on the planet over the past month. Volcano watch centres who recorded only three reports for November have now been followed up with over twenty worldwide reports for February. Volcanoes that have not erupted for centuries are showing signs of new activity which seems to be widespread over the planet surface and not confined to one region. [and from another source] At least 20 volcanoes will probably be erupting as you read these words (Italy's Stromboli, for example, has been erupting for more than a thousand years); roughly 60 erupted each year through the 1990s; about 1300 (and perhaps more than 1500) have erupted in the Holocene (past 10,000 years); and some estimates of young seafloor volcanoes exceed a million. [and from another source] Many volcanoes are listed as ‘ongoing’, meaning they are constantly and moderately erupting. Currently, per this site there are 16 of these in Guatemala, Hawaii, New Guinea, Indonesia, Russia, Alaska, Ecuador, Ethiopia, West Indies, Mexico, and Vanuatu.