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Many people wonder if they are contactees,
often describing childhood memories or dreams or obsessions.
Here's some examples received only during this past week or so.

I often awake at night with the feeling that something is pulling at my feet and it really freaks me out.

How do you know if you are being watched by another species ? I ask this because I do not suffer from paranoia, but sometimes I feel like I'm being monitored for some reason.

Some time ago I had a vision while sleeping. It was too clear to be a dream. It was more like seeing with my eyes. I can find in my neighborhood hills that fit with the vision, except the sea level is lower now.

I have a memory of being in clouds while talking is going on. I seem to be agreeing. I think it was before I was born. I don't know what if anything it was other than a dream, but I've thought about this since I can remember.

I'm from Indonesia. I experienced a dream about 10 years ago. I sense an entity on my left side Suddenly my body begins floating, then I begin to moving my body wildly because I am scared. After that, I had many dreams that I got into a space craft. Please tell me, am I a contactee?

Many people within this community have a STRONG sense that we must gather seeds, knowledge etc, and head for higher ground.

A couple of years ago someone I couldn't see, but could hear, came in my bedroom and touched me on the forehead followed by an electrical shock.

I have dreams what are coming true in time. I am seeing, feeling things before are happening. Unfortunately I am not seeing good thinks regarding our planet,

I had an alien encounter right in my own home in the mountains of North Idaho. Later I had what they thought was a brain aneurysm but now I feel it was to prepare me for the End Times and the new way of life soon to come to our planet. The doctors called it a miracle. They don't understand why I survived. Now they say it wasn't an aneurysm. They dont know what the heck it was. I am doing way to well they say for it to have been an aneurysm.

Because I, Nancy, get so much email requesting what I have termed personal counseling,
I don't comment one way or the other, declining.
This has been my policy for years, since 1996, due to my workload, as a personal question answered benefits only one person, but general ZetaTalk on the subject benefits all mankind.
So, what DO the Zetas say about these vague feelings that people have?
How DOES one determine if they are a contactee?

In the past, clue lists have been published, some of them based on common symptoms exhibited by contactees attending support groups.
Any truth to these lists?
Does suffering from allergies, for instance, mean one is a contactee?

ZetaTalk: Clue Lists, written on Apr 15, 1997
A popular pastime in those discussing the alien presence and the wealth of information on what contactees experience both during their visitations and afterwards, when struggling to live a double life in human society, is the clue list. Every symptom of anxiety or nervous tension is listed, with the erstwhile contactee assured that if they can check off a dozen or more of these symptoms then they are most likely a contactee.

The problem with these lists is that any and all those symptoms occur in the populace as a whole, are regularly part of the human experience, and do not, in and of themselves, indicate a contactee status!

Even symptoms such as brain buzz or irritated draining ears do not in and of themselves indicate a contactee status, and most certainly allergies are common enough to be considered almost normal for the human condition. Thus, no assurance can be gotten from a simple clue list, including such clues as recall of visitations, which can and often are simply imagination, a reaction to reading contactee literature.

Sorting out whether one is or is not a contactee is not a simple matter, and involves the intensity of recall, the presence of smells and touch during recall as well as visual memories, the correlation of the appearance of scars and missing time with recalled instances, and remembrance of factors routinely present in visitations prior to reading or learning about them from outside sources, and other such confirming circumstances.

Check lists are designed in the main to intrigue the reader and sell magazines or increase web site activity, not to help the populace determine their contactee status. Would you conclude that you had cancer based upon a check list? Or perhaps conclude that you needed to go to a divorce attorney and institute proceedings based on a check list? Or sell your car and buy another based on a check list? Check lists have their place, but not in complicated situations involving a number of variables.

Where clue lists cannot determine your status as a contactee,
there is some validity to some of the symptoms listed.
For instance, allergies.

ZetaTalk: Allergies, written on Feb 15, 1997
Allergic reactions are very much under the influence of one's mental state, caused as they are by a heightened immune system reaction where the body is hyper-alert as it were. Nervous tension makes allergies worse, as any asthma sufferer will attest.

Contactees are certainly dealing with tense situations. Not only is the visit itself strange and a bit unnerving, but the situation on the home front is in most cases not supportive. The contactee cannot share their experiences, and if they do so find they are ostracized and treated with disdain.

Thus the strangeness of the situation cannot be lessened, in the time honored manner that humans use to reduce their anxiety - talking it out with others. The contactee must bury their anxieties, rather than express them, and the outcome is often, in those who are allergy prone, an allergy attack!

And problems such as irritated, draining, ears can be related to contactee activity.

ZetaTalk: Ear Problems, written on Oct 15, 1996
The ear is a sensitive organ, designed to alert the human to a loss of balance as well as serving as the hearing sense. Loss of balance, or falling, is sensed by a change in blood pressure, the delicate difference between what is going on in one side of the head versus the other. This dual role of the ears involves the ear in visitations in a way that confuses many contactees - ringing in the ears, temporary loss of hearing, pain in the ears, or excessive drainage from the ears due to such irritations.

* During visitations [a contactee] may be suddenly taken on a quick trip to a ship, and if [the contactee] is afraid of heights this can be alarming, raising the blood pressure.

* The [contactee] may be paralyzed for ease of passage and to reduce anxieties, but when coming out of this state the [contactee] may have sudden changes in blood pressure as the body adjusts to being alert again.

A sudden trip to a space ship? A paralyzed state? What's all this about?
There are ways to get a contactee quickly into a ship, being sucking up by a giant vacum cleaner into a ship port.
I've experienced this often, especially during the business day when I would be asked, telepathically, to take a break and step out onto a veranda.
In high heels, I would usually end up on my bum after landing in the port, and dreading heights, seldom opened my eyes to see the landscape below.
And yes, I've had an ear irritation for years.
Or teleporting, where one is suddenly in another place, is another such method of quickly bringing a contactee into a ship for a meeting.
During any of this, if the contactee is nervous or likely to flail about, they are paralyzed.

ZetaTalk: Paralyzed State, written by Jul 15, 1995
The state of paralysis that many contactees report is common, and is used not only as a means of calming and controlling potentially violent contactees but also for convenience. The paralyzed state is very relaxing, and leaves no harmful trace. During travel between the Earth and a space ship, through walls, and at rapid speeds, humans often prefer to be paralyzed. In fact, this is a frequent request of the constant contactee, as they find they can rest, and, as you say, leave the driving to us.

What is going on in the state of paralysis? At times the mind is aware, at times as though in a deep sleep. Some contactees report they can break out of the paralysis, with a shout or by force of will. The mechanism used to place humans into paralysis is simple, and does not involve our technologies or manipulation of densities.

We are utilizing an existing human physiology, something akin to the frozen state that possums take when frightened. Why is it that humans never play possum when we or other aliens aren't around to induce this? Because this facility is deep within the reptilian brain, and not connected to the middle brain or frontal lobes. Humans voluntarily cannot reach this spot. But if one knows where it is, and knows what buttons to push, then presto!

A contactee picked up during a busy day will find themselves returned to the exact spot they left, but will be relaxed when this occurs. The sudden need to have their legs tensed under them will create a sense of falling, and catching oneself. This can create a sense, in the contactee, that their knees temporarily gave out, and is confusing.

Another often reported confusion is what is termed sleep paralysis. The contactee is returned to bed, as most visits are done at night, when missing time will not be noticed by a sleeping family. The contactee, hardly asleep when returned, finds themselves in the conscious stream of memory as suddenly waking, but paralyzed. After a moment, the trigger switch that was flipped to create paralysis releases, and the contactee finds they can move again. They are often aware, subconsciously, that a visit has taken place, and relate the two, as they should. However, the visit did not create paralysis, per se. This is akin to dust on the boots, after a walk, a remnant of the visit, only.

And yes, I have had that experience during busy days at the office, suddenly finding my legs buckling under me.
For years, before I knew that I was a contactee, I assumed it was a type of epileptic attack, not knowing what to think.

But the standard, and oft reported, method is simply asking the contactee, telepathically,
to walk out into the woods where a space ship has landed.
This was in fact Nancy's first meeting.
I quote from my hypnotic recall.
Note I'm spending some time putting myself in the setting,
reminding myself of how it was,
so I could catch the start of the string, the start of the memory.
Not a bad practice when meditating and trying to allow a visitation recorded only in the subconscious to emerge.

NancyTalk: First Meeting, written on Sep 15, 1995
I went down into the swamps a lot. So many frogs, and at night the frogs would be a chorus. It would be like the lapping of water on the beach, it would be so thunderous in a soft way. I'd chase frogs during the day and catch their green bodies and let them go. There were so many frogs in the swamp. Big swamp. When you looked off across the swamp the mist would rise.

It was a flooded pasture and the trees were a backdrop along the river there. Nobody ever went there, but I would walk in the woods, in those tall trees, and when you were in those woods, you didn't know that anything else was around you, nobody could see you. Nobody could see you from the railroad tracks, nobody could see you from the woods, and there was no traffic at all on the road. You were just alone.

So I'd go down in the woods a lot and look out across the swamp at the woods, and when I'd go down there I'd be all by myself, walking in those woods. I'd be gone for hours. Nobody would know where I was because the trees were big. The fallen trees had big trunks covered with mushrooms. Big fern fronds, some poison nettles that you had to worry about touching, but mostly just the big trees. Nobody ever went there.

I was a little girl. I had coveralls, blue coveralls and maybe a red T-shirt underneath. I'd go down in those woods there and I would be very observant. I would expect to find almost anything. I was very curious about animals and I would be very quiet and watch for them.

This time I think I'm standing still. But it's actually somebody watching for me down in those woods. I'm standing still and have that feeling going up my spine that you do when you know somebody's around but you don't know where they are or who they are. So I have that feeling up my spine.

I'm by a fallen tree. I can't see what it is that I feel nervous about, but out of the corner of my eye I see a movement, from the left, coming out from behind a tree. I think there's something to the right too, but I'm not sure.

Somebody just steps out from behind a tree. It's one of these skinny guys, very gray, light gray actually. They almost look smaller than me. I don't know what to make of it. Nothing's said and I'm just staring. Then I feel like there's more people to the right and to the left.

I guess I'm not alarmed by this, because I'm so used to wild creatures like the rabbits that we had for pets. So many wild creatures are very quiet, like deer, they only show themselves when they feel safe. So I'm not alarmed by this.

I'm seeing some sort of a disk shape, small. It's a small disk shape, maybe 12 foot across, not that large. I'm pretty curious. I guess my initial reaction was curiosity more than fear. I'm trying to figure out what this is. I don't feel anything hostile. It seems like we just walk toward that ship, and there's a ramp that's let down from it. I feel a little nervous at one point, when we're going up into the ship and I'm thinking it's a tight enclosed space and I don't know why we're doing this.

The trees are dark, just very dense woods, and the weeds along the river made it very enclosed. I don't think I'm doing any resisting. They seem to be interested in my head and my hands and my wrists. They seem to be examining my hands and my wrists, the way my wrists bend. They seem to be putting their hands on either side of my head, almost like they're sizing it. Looking at the very top of my head for some reason. Curious little creatures, very gray, light gray, even slightly smaller than I am, although I couldn't have been more than eight years old or so.

One of them looks at me, puts his face close to mine, eye contact I guess, and seems to be trying to communicate something. Maybe he's saying, "Do you know why we're here? Do you know what we want?" Maybe it's because I'm not afraid, maybe that's what he's thinking, that I already know. I'm just trying to search and find if I know. But I just keep thinking they're really curious little creatures.

There's something at the side that looks like a little tray at the dentist's office where they have this little mirror on a stick and things like that. It's off to the right hand side and it makes me just a tiny bit nervous to think about that. I think maybe they're going to do something with my right forearm, like when someone takes blood or something like that, poke around in your forearm a little bit. But I don't think anything's happening exactly. Maybe up by my elbow somewhere they do something, toward the back of the elbow, but it's nothing too significant.

I'm more interested in the dark eyes and how he seems to be trying to communicate something. He keeps saying, "Do you know why we're here?" and I'm not sure why. It's got something to do with the greenness of the woods and the way I love nature. I'm always wandering off and spending time alone in nature. I actually just watch nature, kind of get into it, empathize, just lost in it, observing it. I'm very comfortable with it, very open.

He's telling me that my grandmother's like that, she loves nature, is very curious. He's telling me I'm going to have a role because of this. He says, "Do you know why we're here?" It's got something to do with the vastness of the woods and how beautiful that is, how it should be that way, it should stay that way. I'm trying to think what else. Let's see, he's telling me about my grandmother and how they talked to my grandmother about me too.

It seems like I laid back down on a table but it wasn't really flat, something more like a chaise lounge. They want to look at my feet. I would go barefoot a lot. How my feet bend at the ankles, and checking out my wrists, how they bend, and I think they're going to do something with my forehead. They don't take my clothes off, they just bend my head forward a little bit and kind of shield my eyes or tell me to close my eyes now. They do something to my forehead. I'm not really aware of any discomfort.

I think, basically, I trust these guys. They have their hands at the side of my head, pulling my head face up, trying to check it out. They've got my head at an angle and do something to my forehead. They position my head. They were checking out the top of my head earlier. It's a little bit sore, but it's a very dull ache. Now I don't feel like thinking so much about what he was saying, "Do you know why we're here." I'm a little more distracted.

I don't think they ever closed the door. It's a small ship. It's probably no larger than this living room. I tell them I want to go back to my frogs and he says, "We'll be back". I'm thinking about those green frogs, how they'd jump and what they would look like when they'd leap. They were always so wet, so hard to grab, really beautiful bodies. And the mist around the bushes, even the swamp water fascinated me, so full of life, ripples and bubbles and things like that.

Then I think I just go and walk along the railroad tracks like I set out to do that morning. And then I just put it to the back of my mind.

After this recall, I backed up to a mirror to look for any scar at the back of my elbow, and there it was, like a mouse nip, a scar!
And note the inference of family lines being contactees, my grandmother being someone who had talked to the Zetas too.
I also realized later that these little Zetas might have been trying to get my soul to talk to little Nancy's brain about all this,
As I had a pre-birth agreement to be a contactee, and they were trying to awaken me to this role.
And certainly there is the inference that an implant may have been placed in my head somewhere, during this first visit.

A remarkable story regarding this inspection of my forehead and the headache I had for a few minutes after that first meeting.
When I was 12 years old, in Junior High, I took swimming for gym and would often walk home, hair still wet, in the cold Wisconsin winters,
As a result, I had a lot of sinus infections, and the doctor would treat these by packing medicated cotton in and putting a diathermy pad over my eyes and nose, to heat all this for a few minutes.

One time, when the pad was up over where the 3rd eye is, center of the forehead,
this got awfully hot,
and when he removed the pad, he discovered the flesh there had been cooked to the bone, a 3rd degree burn.
This burn occurred ONLY there, not on the eyebrows or the bridge of the nose, where the skin was thinner and more likely to burn.

Another family member, realizing he was a contactee in his early 20's,
had a sudden scar about the size of a quarter, an indentation,
right at the 3rd eye at a time when he was planning to get this head x-ray'd to check for implants.
During his recall, little metal balls were being taken out of the center of his forehead.

Would metal balls cause a diathermy machine to reflect excessive heat to just that spot?
Diathermy does work by reflecting heat, which is why the doctor carefully checked for any fever before the treatment.

Beyond being implants, or locating devices, I have always felt these forehead implants were to encourage a type of brain activity or growth,
perhaps for telepathic communication later, as my role has certainly required a high degree of telepathic ability.

But I was no doubt also given an implant during that first meeting, which I had to invite and welcome per the rules for contact.
Implants are used to locate the contactee for a quick visits.
But this is per the wishes of the contactee, as the humans always control the situation.
What are some of the symptoms of an implant?

ZetaTalk: Brain Buzz, written on Nov 15, 1996
Implants are reported to cause lumps under the skin, bleeding from the nose, tingling when separated from the surface nerves that have grown around them, and a general sense of relief from intrusion and invasion when removed. All of these symptoms would be true of any foreign object in the body.

Unique to alien implants is their capacity to cause what many contactees describe as a jolt or buzz in the brain, a sensation they cannot biologically reconcile. Some contactees seek medical advice, convinced they have a brain tumor or, if they experience a momentary loss of muscular control, perhaps epilepsy.

Combined with the ear problems many contactees experience, many also suspect a disease of the inner ear, and run repeatedly to this specialist or that, seeking an explanation. What causes the jolt or buzz, and what purpose does it serve?

Implants, as we have explained, are locating devices, allowing the contactee to be quickly located prior to a visitation. The devices respond to a signal sent in all directions, an answering call. To generate the signal, the implant utilizes the nervous system.

A signal sent through brain, bone, and muscle. Within a dead body, the implant would not respond to the locating signal, thus informing the visitors, who in any case eventually learn of the death of their contactee via spiritual routes, of a death. Implants also respond with a unique signal, generated from the DNA of the contactee, so that the implant response confirms not only that the contactee is alive but that the implant is still located within the proper body.

Thus, when contactees experience a jolt of buzz in the brain, they should not be alarmed. All is working as intended, and what they are experiencing confirms their link to the visitors they have asked to meet.

There is great controversy about implants,
with those wanting the common man to be suspicious and guarded about contact pointing to this an as intrusion.
Here's what the Zetas say about THAT.

ZetaTalk: Implants, written by Jul 15, 1995.
Implants are without a doubt the most talked about contactee phenomena. Where other matters are in fact more common than the implant phenomena, implants get the most press. Why this focus on implants?

Humans regularly tag wild life in order to track it, tag their domestic animals so they can be found if lost, tag their cars so ownership can be proved, etch their name on the backs of valuable items, assign numbers such as the Social Security Number to identify each other, and expect their spouse to wear a ring. Ownership.

Just so, when humans realize that they themselves or others have been implanted, the worst notions of the tagging process that humans do to each other, and to animals, come to mind. The Nazis death camps, where humans were tattooed with numbers so they could not escape their fate, men who smash their wives in the face so the scars and broken nose will announce to the world that they cannot escape brutality, livestock to be culled from the herd marked with bright colors so they cannot be missed, and wildlife tagged so it can be recaptured and perhaps killed and dissected for science. Humans being tagged? What can this mean?

Implants must be put into the perspective of the wider picture. Contactees are all volunteers. Tagged or not, they can end their status as contactees at will. They have the power. Therefore, implants are not a tag placed in a possession.

Think of an implant, rather, as a type of portable, lightweight, ever-ready telephone. The implant allows the aliens in contact to quickly locate the contactee, saving both a lot of time. Implants have been described as going up the nose, behind the ear, into the bones of the head, and under the skin. All that and more. They have been described as organic and structured to dissolve when removed. Some are that, and some are not affected by removal, and some are not of organic materials at all.
And there are those who complain about contact with children,
thought the government or organized religions cannot stop this practice.
THEY can brainwash their children, but the visitors have no right to respond to a request for a conference, is their argument.

ZetaTalk: Dual Identities, written on Sep 15, 1996
Contactees who have been visited since early childhood often consider their visitors as much a part of the family as the humans related to them by blood. Visitations often start before the contactee has started school, and the first encounters are made in a setting the child associates with discovery and a sense of bonding with nature so that these overtones continue as an association through life.

The contactee child finds their visitors responding to their unspoken call when they are anxious or deeply pondering a course in life. The contactee child is often discussing their dilemma and alternative paths with their visitors even before their human parents or siblings are sought out as counsel.

Thus, the child considers his visitors his first stop during times of trauma, and bonds with his visitors as only comrades in combat can. Thus, by the time the contactee reaches adulthood, the contactee identifies with his alien visitors as much as with his human family.

Contactees caught in a dual indentity crisis sound like what Ann McWilliams is portraying in her song, Marking Time, from her album Wrapped Around it.

Since Roswell, contact has been recorded only in the subconscious.
This is due to an accelerating Awakening process, where awareness of the alien presence will be increased, seeing space ships and glimpsing alien bodies will increase.
And to keep the growing number of contactees safe from being attacked by those who might find this frightening, this is kept low key.

ZetaTalk: Subconscious, written by Jul 15, 1995
During face-to-face contact we disconnect the conscious. These memories are not recorded at all in your conscious, which is a different part of your brain from your subconscious. Humans have the capability to disconnect their conscious and subconscious memories, and quite frequently do so. For instance, if a memory is painful it can be forgotten. However, in all these circumstances, the subconscious remembers the facts. It is the conscious which deals in falsehoods.

Subconscious memories of our face-to-face meetings are as effective as a full conscious memory. The distress a schism between the conscious and subconscious causes a human occurs when the human finds they just up and do something where they previously didn't know they had this intention.

This leads to the double life syndrome, dealing with alternate realities.

ZetaTalk: Alternate Realities, written on Sep 15, 1996
Contactees, regardless of their conscious awareness of their status, find themselves in a puzzling world. Human society has scarcely become comfortable with the concept of telepathy, ridiculing those who claim this form of communication exists even when proven in a controlled laboratory setting.

The concept of spirits, such as ghosts or reincarnation or possession, is considered in the realm of tales rather than the reporting of fact, especially as spirits leave no mark or footprints. What cannot be physically restrained does not exist, in the minds of many, so brain waves or spirit forms are speculative.

Where does this leave the contactee. Contactees who have not yet realized their status, or who have not yet sorted out memories from the spirit from memories stored in the corporeal mind, can be highly confused. At first, the contactee's subconscious memories of visitations are treated as an overactive imagination, but then signs such as scars that appear overnight begin to intrude.

Subconscious memories of visitations play out during recall with full sound and color, as you say, so that the memory unfolds like a movie. Thus an experienced contactee who has sorted out the alternate realities finds their life no more confusing than a shopper discovering clothing on the racks from different countries and in different styles. After awhile, it all seems quite normal.

Remembering gradually, at a pace comfortable to the contactee, is the desired result.

ZetaTalk: Remembering, written by Jul 15, 1995
Some contactees remember immediately, and think they have been aware all along. In fact, this is not what occurs, but rather immediately after the visitation the contactee connects the memory in their subconscious to the conscious. This process is similar to the physiological process humans use to restore their past after amnesia periods.

The recall can be paced, being suppressed again if the contactee does not feel ready. Remembering therefore is on an individual basis, and the individual contactee is fully in control, which is as it should be.

To discover the story of a visitation in full sound and color,
meditation or self hypnosis is often used.
Having done this myself, I can tell you the process is simple.
One simply has to relax, utterly.
This is best achieved by starting with the feet, and relaxing every muscle as one goes up the body to the top of the head.
Concentrate on these muscle groups as you relax them, one by one, going limp.
By the time you've gone up and down your body this way, you are limp as a wet noodle.
Then clear your mind of all thoughts, and allow whatever wants to pop into your conscious mind to do so.
If there is a story in your subconscious that your subconscious has been trying to tell you, it will pop out.
Let the story unfold, unhindered.
You are in complete control of yourself during this process, awake and in control,
and stopping the hypnosis session is nothing more than getting up and tensing those muscles again,
focusing on the day at hand again.
Session ended.

ZetaTalk: Hypnosis, written on Aug 15, 1995
Contactees desiring to recall their visits use various methods, including meditation, induced trance states, and hypnosis.

All these methods are essentially the same, in that they utilize a feature of the human physiology normally in force during dream states.

As the human brain is less than holistic, due to the many genetic engineering passes made from a combination of reptilian and hominoid sources, it does not speak to itself well. The subconscious is aware of everything, but where the conscious is only partially aware it is allowed, ostensibly, to be in charge.

During dream states the human conscious is bombarded with information, as the gates are not locked, the guard against the subconscious let down, and the gap between what the conscious thinks reality is and what the subconscious knows reality to be is filled with a rush of information.

During hypnosis or other deliberately induced trance states the flood of information is controlled. The gates are let down gradually, and when the information begins to flow from the subconscious as much time as needed is taken to find where to place it, making connections. This is why recall on a history of visitations seems to proceed slowly at first, but eventually reaches the point where a slight self induced trance state is enough to bring the memory of a recent visitation over from the subconscious to the conscious.

Visitations are placed only in the subconscious, so a base needs to be established in the conscious upon which to build the conscious memories. For those inexperienced with hypnosis or other trance state inducement, the key is relaxation and clearing the mind of all activity, all thoughts. Blank mind, utterly relaxed body, and bing - a thought pops into your conscious.

Hypnosis does not create the thoughts, it allows the flood of information to begin prior to an actual sleep state. Some contactees find they begin remembering as they are dropping off or waking up from sleep.

Hypnosis is most successful where there is a press of information waiting to flood over from the subconscious, which has been actively involved in sorting out a recent visitation or in reconciling visitations. Successful hypnosis also requires a conscious willingness to recall.

If the contactee is unwilling to recall, blocks this, then no amount of hypnosis will work. Contactees blocking conscious awareness will even wake themselves from dream states where progress is being made, fearful of the outcome. Others, desiring their life to be built of a single fabric, spend as much time as possible, sleeping or waking, weaving things together.

Often visitations are leaked during dreams, when the brain is at Alpha state,
the brain wave state used during hypnosis.

ZetaTalk: Just a Dream, written by Jul 15, 1995
Many contactees recall their visitations as a dream, as the recall starts during a semi-sleep state, during that time when one is just dropping off to sleep or waking up. However, there are characteristics that mark the recall as other than a dream.

The dream seems vivid, so real, and includes elements not normally in dreams such as sounds and smells. These dreams are usually so vivid as to wake the drowsy contactee. If the contactee is comfortable with the concept of the alien presence, they will dig further into their subconscious and unfold the story, but many simply leave the recall in the dream status as in this way the recall is less threatening. How could it be real? It was only a dream!

If a contactee is uneasy about the visitations, because admitting them will put his life in conflict, he may block recall.

ZetaTalk: Blocking, written on Aug 15, 1996
Many contactees find that, try as they may, they cannot recall their visitations as other contactees seem to do. All manner of attempts, including professional hypnosis, will be tried to no avail. What's going on here? In human society, and in particular in many contactee's lives, there is a conflict about the alien presence and thus there can be a conflict within the contactee.

Does the spouse believe that man is not alone and is being visited by beings from other worlds? Is the employer ultra-conservative, such that a slip of the tongue in the coffee room will place doubts in the employer's mind about the contactee's promotability? Is the family supportive, the friends accepting, or will the contactee find they are increasingly treated as an eccentric and left out of social plans.

Where the contactee fears repercussions in his life he will tend to block. The mind is aware of these blockages, as it has put them there, and thus can effectively resist attempts to get around them. In effect, the block is the result of the total mind-set of the contactee. As with amnesia or coma or just plain forgetfulness, that which the total mind-set cannot deal with will tend to be pushed aside.

In order to achieve recall, then, the contactee must make changes in their life so that recall is not a threat. Most find this difficult, especially if family or a job or the marital situation is the problem.

After individual contact is established, the contactee may begin meeting others on space ships or in remote places like grassy fields or beaches.
Most often visits are at night, when missing time is less likely to be noticed.
Thus, group meetings might be peopled by folks in their pajamas,
or hurriedly dressed in the middle of the night while still sleepy.

ZetaTalk: Contact Groups, written Sep 15, 1995.
Group interactions validate experiences. The individual, finding their night clothes on backwards, knows there has been a visitation, but secretly wonders if perhaps their memory might be failing. In a group of contactees a synergy takes place, first one and then another realizing, as others tell their tales, that they are not alone in their experiences.

Within the contact group details are shared that have not appeared in print, could not therefore be faked, and are told with much emotion and conviction. When these details, told by another, match the listener's story - more than sharing takes place, and more than an Awakening takes place. A Transformation takes place.

The Contact Group is now a group of humans who are no longer toying with an idea, no longer arguing with each other, but are facing the reality of the Transformation calmly, with open eyes and open minds and most often with open hearts. Thereafter, walking among others out in society, everything looks different. The frantic push to live better than the Jones, the focus on the World Series, the chatter about the SETI project - all are put into a different perspective.

It is as though all of humanity were in a trench and could not look out except for a few who stand tall. Those too short to see behave as though all that matters takes place in the trench, in their own little world. Those few tall enough to be glimpsing beyond know better, but can do little more than look at each other and smile at the ignorance and short sightedness around them. Such it is with members of Contact Groups, who find they can only talk honestly among themselves.

There is a Transformation going on, a personal Transformation, but no less important in the scheme of things. Great dunes are built from many grains of sand, and eventually the collective consciousness is such that this transformative momentum begins to affect society. Ideas presented at the table receive support rather than argument. Programs that affect the public are slanted toward the broader view in subtle ways. The little grains of sand are making mounds, where no one has noticed, as the wind blew them just a few at a time.