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The Zetas talk about whether Reincarnation exists; what the Key Characteristics of the two spiritual orientation choices are; what some Distinguishing Characteristics are; By What Names these alien group are known; what Spiritual Evolution is; whether it is myth or truth that Heaven and Hell awaits our decision on spiritual orientation; whether the choice is irrevocable or Switching Sides occurs and how there can be Merging Later; how there will be an Increasing Dichotomy and Rampant Violence during this Polarization Period, and how the Littleton Massacre and Amish Massacre and Virginia Tech Massacre and Nebraska Massacre and Star Wars and Genetic Engineering relates to this; how political leanings such as Conservatives show orientation and why Leveling Wars result; how the orientations differ in their Day to Day and in dealing with the Pole Shift and the Aftertime. The Zetas talk about how the Zetas communicating to us here are the Service to Other Zetas; how spiritual orientation works when one is Without a Body; what the orientation Lessons of 4th Density coming up next are; the differences in a Love Life between the orientations; whether it is all All Work, No Play with the Service-to-Others or are they a Little Bit Selfish; what the differences in the use of Telepathy are between the orientations, and how this affects Keeping Secrets and Telling the Truth; and how the orientations differ When Under Attack and in the Hands of Man and will differ during the coming Pole Shift.

The Zetas talk about how we can attend to our Spiritual Health and how one can best develop Spiritual Awareness; whether the Self Righteous are right and self-help courses such as EST help; how determining our orientation is the lesson of 3rd Density and what factor Survival of the Fittest or the Tribulations or Life Circumstances we bear have on this; whether one can make a Conscious Choice of orientation and what our Self Doubts indicate; what concern for Animal Rights indicates; whether Original Sin exists and how our track record re Sin affects our spiritual orientation; how aliens of both orientations influenced the words in The Good Book and the Golden Rule should predominate; why the Fatima Secret is still secret and Pope Ratzinger chosen; why it always seems that humans Attempt to Dominate; whether Aggression is indicative of orientation; whether it helps to Turn the Other Cheek and what advice they have for the Good Samaritan; how to handle the issue of Trust or Divided Loyalties; and explain why there are no Short Cuts.

The Zetas talk about whether War and Crime are caused by a Few Bad Apples; who benefited from WW II; why there is Sadism; what Nuclear Tests have to do with orientation; whether there are industrial criminals on a Pollution Power Trip; who is responsible for Mutilations; why the Melchizedek Cult is is not what Melchizedek intended; whether the Emissaries of Light are either; whether Stonehenge was built and Dragons were brought to Earth in the past by aliens; and whether Antarctica houses aliens in the Service-to-Self.

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